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About Our Owner

About Earth Alkemie's Name





About Earth Alkemie's Owner and Formulator (Environmental and research background):

Li Wong is an environmentalist, aromatherapist, herbalist, natural skin care formulator, natural perfumer, and eco living writer. She has a B.A. in Environmental studies/biology and a M.S. in Environmental Science and Policy. She has studied a wide range of ecological and plant related topics including biology/botany, ethnobotany (the cosmetic and medicinal uses of plants in indigenous cultures), conservation, and organic standards in cosmetics. Other environmental interests include mammals, urban wildlife, public perception, human-wildlife conflicts, and local environmental issues. She has been formulating her own skin care products, and researching and learning about cosmetic and natural ingredients, aromatherapy, and herbalism since 2001. She has learned from many herbalism and aromatherapy pioneers over the years. Li is currently learning Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Li is the owner and formulator of Earth Alkemie, which was an all natural aromatherapy and herbalism skin care and natural perfumery business. Earth Alkemie (the store) is currently closed. She is also the Eco Living writer on anb mall's (all natural beauty mall) website, and the Eco Living And DIY Natural Formulating Expert on all natural beauty's website.

Other interests include alchemy, Chinese astrology, Qi Gong, and learning about many different spiritual philosophies and religions.

For more about Li (and how she became interested in all natural skin care, aromatherapy, and herbalism, read Li's story. Or read her personality/vendor spotlight on all natural beauty website.

Check out Earth Alkemie's blog, Li's personal environmental blog: Solarkat's Eco blog, and also Li’s Eco Living articles on anb (all natural beauty) mall’s website for more information on ecological issues.

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About Our Name

Earth is the name of our beautiful blue planet and our home, and is also one of the four or five elements (depends on the elemental system) used in astrology, alchemy, Chinese traditional medicine, ayurveda, pagan and other Earth based religions, and many other alternative and traditional practices.

Alkemie is the old French spelling of alchemy, which is the art of transformation. Though most commonly associated with turning base metals into gold or the pursuit of creating the philosopher's stone, the main goal of many alchemists is the transformation of the soul. Alchemists from many cultures throughout the ages have worked with plant ingredients (such as essential oils and distillates, which are now commonly called hydrosols) and minerals. Some of the creations of ancient alchemists include cosmetics, most notably perfumes and herbal extracts. Some of the first alchemists were the perfumers of ancient Egypt. Famous alchemists include Avicenna, Mary the Prophetess, Isaac Newton, Nicolas Flamel, Nostradamus, and Carl Jung.

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