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Thank you for visiting! Earth Alkemie (my aromatherapy & herbal skin care and natural perfume company) is currently closed. However, check back soon, as I am revamping my website and I will be posting a lot of aromatherapy, herbalism, and eco living articles!

For the latest up to date news, please visit Earth Alkemie's facebook fan page and blog! I post about many topics, ranging from Earth Alkemie related news, aromatherapy, conservation, herbalism, natural ingredients, eco living & DIY articles and recipes, and much more!







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Li is the Eco Living writer at anb (all natural beauty) mall. Read her Eco Living articles on aromatherapy, natural skin care recipes, green house cleaning tips, conservation, and other eco living topics!

Li is also the Eco Living and DIY Natural Formulating Expert at the all natural beauty website and anb portal. Ask her or the other anb experts a question!

Read Li's personal eco blog, Solarkat's Eco Blog, for information on all things green, DIY, and crunchy!



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